Carnivore Smoky All Meat Wet Brine

Carnivore Smoky All Meat Wet Brine

Here's a simple carnivore friendly brine with a really nice smoky flavor. This is especially good if you want a bit of smoke, but you only have time to cook the meat inside(like the air fryer!).


  • 1 g g



  • Boil Water
  • Add salt and fish sauce, stir until salt is melted
  • Remove from heat and let cool
  • Pour In Container, ziplock bag, or vacuum chamber sealer bag (See below)
  • a. Optional- If you have a vacuum chamber sealer this is a great option to get the brine into the meat.
  • Add meat, ensure it's covered completely with brine.
  • Cover, place in refrigerator
  • Brine for around 4 hours or 1 hour per pound of meat – whichever you desire.
  • Rinse meat thoroughly, and proceed to season and cook as desired.


*Increase recipe as required to be able to completely cover the meat.
Some folks don’t like the fish sauce, but it really does add a great flavor that’s ironically NOT fishy at all!  If you don’t like it, don’t add it! 🙂
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